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Yale Realty Services Corp - Strategy

Yale Realty was founded under challenging market conditions that exhibited many of the same characteristics that can be observed in the prevailing real estate market. The firm’s direct experience and success in selecting, securing, and operating assets in upward or downward trending markets make it uniquely positioned to exploit current opportunities and replicate past investment performance.



Since its inception, Yale Realty has effectively employed a disciplined, contrarian investment approach seeking strong income returns, low risk of revenue stream disruption, and the expeditious return of capital through dispositions or recapitalizations. Key strategic elements often include:


  • Opportunistically buying quality properties from undercapitalized owners at favorable prices;

  • Securing a strong supermarket or value-retail anchor and re-tenanting shop space with national chains;

  • Implementing expense savings programs and improved management practices;

  • Executing targeted capital improvements, such as façade renovations and strategic expansions.

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